Sports Watch--Beauty of Simplicity

Free Your Hand and Focus on Adventure Just tap the button to realize One-key Take-off / Land/ Go-Home.

Status Display/ One-key Operation/ 400m Communication Range/ IP67 Rating Water-and-Dust Resistance

Follow Module--Compatible With All Auto-Follow Modes

Follow Module is easy to carry and also able to mount on various equipment, such as bikes and rowing boats.

Compatible with Sports Watch or Remote Controller to support Drone to realize Follow Modes.

Built-in GPS/Barometer/3-Axis Gyro/3-Axis Accelerometer/3-Axis Compass/High-Precision/50 Updates Per Second IP67 Rating Water-and-Dust Resistant / 400m Communication Range/ 3 Hours of Working Time

Remote Controller--High-Precision

Specialized Sticks with Super-fast Response.

Gimbal Pitch Dial designs to control camera shooting angle.

Press buttons to realize taking-off, landing, going-home and switching flight mode.

Over 1000 meters of Communication Distance.

Robust 3-Axis Gimbal--Its
Stabilization Beyond Your Imagination

3-Axis Gimbal designs to accurately stabilize camera, eliminate jitter to achieve high-quality image for

adventure sports. Moreover, it also works with Auto-Follow Module to lock and auto follow the target to get

the amazing moments from sky.

Wireless Image Transmission--
Live Aerial Photography Display

Digital Image Transmission System will transmit the clear live

image to mobile devices without interference. Image Transmission communication

distance is up to 800 meters, while latency is lower than

200 milliseconds.